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About Diamond Kid Apparel

Thank you very much for visiting my page :) 


Miss Diamond Kid as she likes to be called is Breanna Florez a 8 year old with BIG DREAMS.

She creates empowering t-shirts for children

She Dreams of encouraging children worldwide to be the best they can be. 

She came up with the idea when she realised most t-shirts for girls say 'cute' 'princess' 'pretty' 

 'I want to be known for more than being a pretty princess, I am more than that!'

Miss Diamond Kid cares for the environment and actively recycles and picks up litter, and has decided to use eco friendly cotton t-shirts that are made using solar and wind power.

She is a great believer in giving back, so a percentage of profit will be donated to small charities that have a positive impact on children.

 She dreams of being a business lady and being able to help the homeless start and build their own successful businesses.